SuperCal Treatment
This is a blast of nutrients for your yard. If your yard seems to be struggling or you want the greenest grass in the neighborhood, we highly recommend a Supercal treatment.

Core Aeration
Our recommendation for premium lawn health is a spring and fall aeration. Core Aerations are designed to mechanically remove plugs or cores from your lawn. This process reduces soil compaction, allowing water, nutrients, and oxygen to filter back into the soil. The aeration process allows access to the root systems of your lawn promoting lawn health.

Grub Control
Early Summer treatment. Grub control is essential for the prevention of grubs. When grubs emerge in the spring they can feed off of the root system of your lawn. This eventually leads to killing of your grass. An infestation of grubs can also lead to moles in your yard that feed off of the grubs.

Mole Control
It is a common misconception that treating grubs will prevent moles. Moles feed off of grubs, but also feed off of a handful of different insects. In the event of a mole issue, we offer a service to treat the moles and will check the lawn for any issues that are attracting moles to your lawn.

Perimeter Pest Control
We offer a perimeter pest control for the prevention of spiders, ants, lady bugs, box elder bugs, and any of the other unwanted guests. We recommend four applications during the season. The service is safe for your exterior landscapes.

Mosquito Control


Stump Grinding