The Grass Is Greener Where It's Fertilized

Ask us about our lawn treatment services in Tiffin, Iowa City or anywhere in the Johnson County area

Brown grass got you down? Is the HOA sending you threatening letters about the state of your yard? Don't wait any longer to contact Legacy Lawn Care about our lawn fertilization services in Tiffin, IA. We offer a six-step lawn treatment plan using granular and liquid products that support a healthy lawn. Using our plan and getting regular maintenance will ensure you get a great-looking yard.

The benefits of lawn fertilization services

On the fence about lawn treatment services? Here are some great reasons to start your treatment plan:

  • It'll strengthen the root system of your grass
  • It'll reduce flooding and muddy areas of your lawn
  • It'll prevent weeds from growing in your yard

Lawn fertilization services are the smart choice for homeowners in Tiffin, Iowa City and surrounding areas who want a well-maintained yard year-round.

Lawn Fertilizer Service Areas:

  • Tiffin
  • Coralville
  •  North Liberty
  •  Iowa City
  •  Hills
  •  Solon
  •  Swisher
  •  Shueyville
  •  Ely
  •  Cedar Rapids
  •  Marion
  •  Riverside
  •  Oxford
  •  Hiawatha
  •  Fairfax