Get a Perfectly Manicured Lawn

Schedule lawn mowing services in Tiffin, IA or Iowa City, IA. We serve all of the greater Johnson County Area.

Your neighbor across the street has the yard of your dreams. Blades cut down to the perfect height. A diamond pattern that would impress even the most indifferent of passersby. How does he do it? Most likely, he gets professional lawn mowing services from Legacy Lawn Care. We use commercial-grade mowers that can cut high volumes of grass while mulching the blades to enhance lawn health. We can do weekly lawn mowing or on an as-needed basis. With our lawn mowing services, we also include trimming and blowing off of surfaces to keep your property looking clean and manicured.

Want to give your home the best-looking lawn on the block? Call 319-541-3805 now to arrange for grass cutting services in Tiffin, Iowa City and surrounding areas.

Why should you get professional lawn mowing services?

Couldn't you just cut the grass yourself? Sure, but not if you want the polished look that brings you pride every time you see it. Getting professional lawn mowing services saves you money on expensive equipment and saves you time on the hours it would take to create a nice-looking design.

Don't stress about making your yard look its best. Let us do the hard work by scheduling weekly grass cutting services in Tiffin, IA, and surrounding areas.

Mowing Service Areas:

  •  Tiffin
  •  Coralville
  •  North Liberty
  •  Iowa City
  •  Hills
  •  Solon
  •  Swisher
  •  Shueyville