Shoveling mulch is exhausting, isn't it? This could be the last time you have to deal with a stiff back and sore shoulders after mulching your Tiffin, IA property. Outsource your yardwork to Legacy Lawn Care so you can own a beautiful yard without all the effort.

Our landscaping team will assess your property to figure out...

  • What areas need mulching
  • What kind of mulch would enhance your beautiful yard
  • How often mulching should be done to protect your plants
We'll then spread mulch around your yard as needed. Call 319-541-3805 now for pricing information.

Why is mulching so important?

Mulch is used to keep plant roots from drying out. It also prevents weeds from growing and adds definition to flower beds. Your yard will look amazing after we're through mulching it.

Contact us today to work with a local landscaping company in Tiffin, IA that has over a decade of experience.